Xero discount codes and how to get them

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We’re proud Xero Accountant specialists and notable accountants in Leicester, having been Xero’s first accounting firm partner in the city when MNE Accounting began. We’ve been implementing Xero systems and migrating clients from systems like Sage and Quickbooks into Xero for years now. As clients, we realised that their old software wasn’t quite as dynamic as Xero is.

When you sign up for Xero Accounting software, you’re asked if you have a discount or promotional code. It usually prompts the person signing up to think really hard about whether there are codes that they’ve missed out on.

In our experience, better software systems don’t usually give out discounts or promotional codes very regularly. And that’s because they don’t really need to! “You get what you pay for” is really the phrase you need to keep in mind when choosing software. If they’re offering a £25 per month package for £1 per month, have a think about why they’re doing it – it’s usually because they are desperate for people to sign up for them, in all likelihood. If the package is free, you can make your own assessment of that.

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Even though Xero discount codes are rare, as Xero partners, we usually have some ideas of how to help you pay less for your system. Whether that’s with the use of a promotional code or choosing a different level of package, we can usually do something to help. At MNE Accounting, we have access to other levels of Xero packages that aren’t available to the wider world so it’s worth asking us what package we’d advise you to use.

Whether you’ve questions about Xero discounts or Xero packages, our specialists at MNE Accounting are here to help – get in touch or call 0116 255 2422

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