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I often say that you can give two good accounting firms the same pile of records and they’ll both come up with exactly the same figures for you. This is because generally accountants are trained in a similar way, to look for the same things and apply similar procedures to each year’s accounts for each client. But do you engage an accountant simply to get accurate figures? Isn’t this a given, that the results you sign off are accurate? We think so. But many of our peers even with huge experience and a clutch of qualifications are simply compliance-led – and see their role as just the filer of accounts.

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Why use an accounting firm?

The reason you should choose an accountant in our mind is because they’ll do everything they can do for you to be a better business with their advice. That advice could be simply saving tax – and most accounting firms profess to be able to do that – but it could be more than that. Things like suggesting ways of improving your margin, or protecting your estate against the threat of inheritance tax are property value added areas.

Even recommending a good HR practitioner or an insurance broker can be great for a business, since their accountant might be the only person in the professional business community they see in a year and we tend to know many other people in lots of industries.

If you just want an accountant to file your accounts and tax, your options are vast – anyone with a good reputation is a good option and really you’re focusing on price and maybe how much you like the person you meet. But past this, if you’re looking for an accounting firm who will look after every part of your accounting requirements properly and consider everything, every time they work for you, the options are far more limited.

Why MNE Accounting?

We are proud to offer a solid service with our accounting work. We have so many systems working in the background that ensure that our clients’ every needs are met, as much as we’re able. We have huge checklists in place that consider opportunities available to our valued clients and if we think something might help, we suggest it.

We know that we’re always able to save our clients enough money on their tax bill to pay our fees; this is pretty much a given, from experience. But more than that, we help our clients to flourish by considering far more than just their tax bill. On top of this, we have an excellent relationship with our clients too, which makes being a great accounting firm even easier!

If you would like to learn more about us, feel free to get in touch!

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