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On Monday 20th July, we’ll be launching the newest member of the MNE group, adding low cost bookkeeping to the group’s popular range of services.

MNE Accounting has been mastering outsourcing for larger companies for a couple of years now and have built an impressive client base of businesses turning over up to £25m. The outsourcing service covers everything our clients need; the whole spectrum of management accountancy. It’s a hand-holding setup where our clients don’t have to lift a finger with anything related to their finances.

We have been asked to work with a number of clients in recent times where we’ve found that we’re essentially the sledgehammer being used to crack a nut. In these cases, we’ve not been in a position to take the clients on. Simply put, sometimes clients don’t need the full MNE service and they’re not interested in a real-time system,

So, from Monday 20th July, we’re launching a back to basics bookkeeping provision, under the brand “The Accounts Team”. This is a glance back to MNE’s bookkeeping roots, which was a brown paper bag service – client sends in their paperwork and our team processes it – in quick time, with excellent accuracy. A report sent back to the client with items we’re missing means the next package sent into our office will include all the previously unseen documents.

The best part about it all? We’re offering this service for a mere £9 per hour! We like helping businesses to lose the bookkeeping headache and focus on what they’re good at – and when done properly, we don’t need to charge the earth. Additionally, clients will be able to tap into MNE Accounting’s advanced services as needed – payroll, management accounts and strategic advice are ready when you need them.

So – if you’d like your bookkeeping done to an excellent standard by a fantastic team, supported by an even more impressive accounting firm, give The Accounts Team a call on 0116 204 2680

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