Faster KPI reporting for London advisory firm

After failing to recruit management accountants into their finance team, our client outsourced various accounting services for more accurate and timely financial reporting.

The Business

Turnover: £4m
Branches: 1
Employees: 25
Hours per month: 90

Accounting Services

How we help

We’ve worked with this client since late 2013. At the time, they were turning over around £2m and were a team of 15. They were struggling with their accounting and finding it difficult to recruit the right members of staff to deal with the tasks at hand.

On investigation, it was simply too broad a role for one person to take on, with tasks ranging from data entry to analysis. MNE are able to offer the firm’s in-house financial director greater accuracy of data. With this, their FD receives regular KPI reporting which he uses to advise his directors on company progress.

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