Virtual Finance Director

Commercially focused Outsourced FD service

Our finance director service allows business owners like you to tap into a wealth of experience in order to make informed strategic decisions that drive real business success. We translate numbers and make sense of data to provide timely and astute business advice you can act on regardless of your size of business or industry.

Virtual finance director service for small businesses

The average salary of a finance director in the UK is £70,993 per year. You could be an experienced business owner with staff and several offices or the sole director of a relatively new company – our FD service helps businesses of all sizes to get a more senior view on their finances at a fraction of the cost.

The term “virtual finance director” doesn’t really do justice to the service we offer our clients. We get under the skin of your business to make an immeasurable difference, becoming part of the fabric of your company rather than just another service provider and cost on your balance sheet.

How does the finance director service work?

The role of a finance director incorporates several insights, that of a year end and management accountant, as well as a business consultant who may be looking at a 3-5 year plan. The FD role is to look at the very recent history of a business to get a handle on the near to mid-future, with one eye on the objectives of a business around a year away.

virtual finance director

Our finance director service has dramatically transformed the fortunes of many businesses and delivers a host of unique benefits:

  • Practical, strategic advice helping you implement ideas for growth
  • Validating or discouraging business decisions based on financial considerations
  • Financial modelling, budgeting and forecasting
  • Industry best practices – the latest financial and cloud accounting technology

Big business experience and a proven track record

Fast growth is what entrepreneurs crave and we want to work with forward-thinking people like ourselves. Our firm has seen rapid growth over the last four years, meaning that when business owners choose MNE to be their finance director, they’re choosing a firm that not only have big business experience but will match and exceed their entrepreneurial spirit.

We work with like-minded business owners who appreciate the difference we can make. Our clients expect business success and we deliver to become a lasting business partner you can trust, rather than just an interim solution.

What our clients say

“We had no idea what having a part time FD could do for our business. It started off with a meeting once per month and we’re now we’re spending a day a week working on strategy. I wish we had looked into it earlier than we did, Tim is now helping us open a new restaurant!”

Restaurant owners with several premises across the Midlands

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