Client Referral Scheme

Below you will find terms and conditions relating to our Client Referral Scheme.


  • “The Scheme”: The referral scheme that these terms relate to.
  • Referrer – the person making the referral (if you are a client and you introduce your friend, this would be you).
  • Referred person – the person being recommended to use our services
  • Us/our/we – MNE Accounting Limited

Terms & Conditions

  • The Scheme is only open to current MNE clients.
  • The Scheme is only valid if the Referred person is not currently engaged with MNE Accounting.
  • Both parties’ 10% discount is limited to of the lower party’s fees charged. For example, if one party engages us for £150 of fees per year and the other £100, the discount will be limited to £10 for each party.
  • Both parties must have paid their fees on time and by direct debit (in accordance with our letter of engagement) for the discount to be issued. If fees aren’t settled on time, no discount will be payable on those fees to either party.
  • In the event that a Referred person is sent by multiple Referrers, whichever Referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the Referrer.
  • The Referrer can receive up to a total of 100% off their accounting fees. The Referred person must use our services for a minimum of one year.
  • We aren’t able to build up credit on referrers’ account with us.
  • We only work for entities based wholly in the UK.
  • Our employees aren’t able to be involved with this Scheme.
  • In the event of any disputes, our decision is final.
  • Whilst our 10% offer refers to the referrer’s fees, if the referred person’s fees are lower than the referrer’s, the 10% will be based upon the lower of the two clients’ fees.


If you require any further information in regards to this Scheme then please email

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