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Introduction to MNE

We want you to experience what being a client of ours is like, and what a brilliant help we’ll be to your business!  We’re a modern firm and are 100% paperless and we believe our experience of running a really efficient firm is something that benefits our clients in the advice we give.  We wouldn’t try and give you advice on how to be a better business without doing our best, too.

We have a fantastic relationship with our clients and we’re looking forward to you experiencing what a modern, skilled and progressive firm is like.  Unlike many firms, we don’t have unnecessary meetings to substantiate our fees, we don’t try and impress you with jargon if you don’t really need to know it and we’re always here to help you – even if you just need our thoughts on something that isn’t finance!

We want our clients to not be put off talking to us in fear of a bill – so we don’t issue bills for you calling us or for sending you an email, like many of our peers would.  If we need to charge you for anything outside of our agreement, you’ll know about it in good time.  Examples where this could happen are if you need a mortgage certificate, need to make changes to your company at Companies House or have a tax investigation.

We’re easy to get hold of with a state of the art phone system that covers everyone in all of our offices.  There’s always someone to talk to you and you’ll always deal with the same people.  You won’t just be a number!

Our terms & conditions


1. It’s unlikely that you’ll join us the day after you incorporate – so we’ll start payments from a date soon after you ask us to act for you.  You’ll make 12 payments to us for your first year and then from day one of your second trading year, we’ll start collecting payments for that year.  So you might have one or more payments that overlap at the beginning of year two.

2.  Payments must be made by direct debit (we use a brilliant system and you will always know what payments will be collected in advance).  We charge an additional fee if you would like to pay by another method.

3.  You’ll make monthly payments and we’ll invoice you when we complete work for you.  So there will usually be a balance on your account with us – we can let you have a statement any time, just let us know.


Scope of our work

4. The areas we’ll look after for you are covered in the next point – and we think they’re everything that most start up businesses need in their first year.  Areas you should consider, just in case they’re going to be relevant are:

a. VAT – if you’re going to be VAT registered and therefore need VAT returns filing.  You can do these if you have a solid understanding of VAT – otherwise we can quote for doing these for you.

b. Bookkeeping – we can do this for you and our fees are very competitive.  However this isn’t included in our offer.  If you don’t want us to do your bookkeeping, you need to be competent at it, as we’ll rely on good quality information for your accounts to be completed.

c. P11ds – if you are going to pay for things on your employees’ behalf that aren’t taxed at source (like private medical insurance or a company car) you’ll need these completing once a year.

5. Services included in our offer:

a. Payroll – for up to 5 people on a monthly salary.

b. Year end accounts – filed with Companies House and provided to you online and Corporation Tax return filed with HMRC.

c. Personal tax return – one return.  Additional tax returns are £100 plus VAT each.

d. Setup of Xero system – this is to get the basics of a system put together for you and to give you a brief overview of it.  It doesn’t include training or in-depth setup work, such as designing bespoke sales invoices.  It also doesn’t include the monthly subscription for the software – that is billed to you by us and is payable by direct debit.  We do offer a discount for paying for your software annually; please ask if you’d like to do this.

e. Receipt Bank is a brilliant system that allows you to email your purchase invoices to an address and these invoices will be uploaded to your Xero system automatically.  We’re happy to set this up and give you a brief overview of it.  This is at no extra cost to you, even after your first year!

f. Filing of your confirmation statement with Companies House.  Includes maintenance of your “people with significant control” register (PSC register) and the fee charged by Companies House for filing the confirmation statement.

6.  The services aren’t transferable (i.e. you can’t “swap” payroll for VAT work) but they can be amended, for example if you have 10 employees or they’re weekly paid- we‘ll still give you the discount but we’ll need to adjust the fee before discount.


Third parties

7.  We like to be our clients’ trusted advisors, so we ask that you use us for all your accounting needs.   This means that either you (or someone who works for you) or MNE will cover all areas of your accountancy work, from bookkeeping to your end of year accounts.  If you have a specialist provider for a particular area that we don’t cover, we’ll most likely agree to work with them.



8. Our minimum “lifetime” fee per client is £250.  This is because there’s a huge amount of work in getting a client set up on all of our systems.  If you sign our letter of engagement and then ask us to stop work before we’ve invoiced you for £250 or more of fees, we’ll issue an invoice for £250 plus VAT (less any invoices we’ve already issued).

a.  The definition of a client for us, is a legal entity.  So bear in mind that a company is separate to its directors in the case of us completing the directors’ tax returns too.

9. If you leave us before month 24 (and/or before 24 months’ payments have been made), we’ll charge a fee of £100 to cover handing information to you or your new advisors.  This is in addition to our minimum lifetime fee in point 8 above.

10. You already know what our fees for year one will be – but when you sign up with MNE, we’ll give you a quote for what our “normal” fees are. That’s to say, what our fees are likely to be after year one.  We want you to be happy with these fees as they’ll be what we charge after your first year so please let us know if you have any questions.

11. Whilst we’ll do our best to give you an accurate quote from year two, we need to reserve the right to change it, if your business is the next Uber or Tesla.  Don’t worry, we will always be open with you if this is likely!

12. We reserve the right not to apply our first year offer, if your business isn’t a “normal” start up.  An example of this would be one where it’s had a large financial injection from venture capitalists or if it’s a subsidiary of a group.


Anything else?

13. We wouldn’t try and tie you in to something you weren’t happy with – so should you have needed to reach stage four of our complaints procedure for something, we’ll of course discuss allowing you to exit without additional fees.  If you’re not happy, neither are we.

14. This offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers.

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