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Some information about us and the detail behind our stated prices are below.

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Introduction to MNE

We want you to experience what being a client of ours is like, and what a brilliant help we’ll be to your business!  We’re a modern firm and we believe our experience of running a really efficient firm is something that benefits our clients in the advice we give.  We wouldn’t try and give you advice on how to be a better business without doing our best, too.

We have a fantastic relationship with our clients and we’re looking forward to you experiencing what a modern, skilled and progressive firm is like.  Unlike many firms, we don’t have unnecessary meetings to substantiate our fees, we don’t try and impress you with jargon if you don’t really need to know it and we’re always here to help you – even if you just need our thoughts on something that isn’t finance!

We want our clients to not be put off talking to us in fear of a bill – so we don’t issue bills for you calling us or for sending you an email, like many of our peers would.  If we need to charge you for anything outside of our agreement, you’ll know about it in good time.

We’re easy to get hold of with a state of the art phone system that covers everyone in all of our offices.  There’s always someone to talk to you and you’ll always deal with the same people.  You won’t just be a number!

Details behind our prices

The prices mentioned in our advert are typical fees and they’re what many of our clients pay.  The fees mentioned are based on our clients working with us and having a good standard of accounting records.  Some detailed examples are below.  

By the way – if the below descriptions don’t match your business (they’re quite specific), we would need to either adjust our fee slightly or work with you to make things a little more efficient.  If you’re keen to pay less, we’re happy to charge less if you work with us!

Sole trader accounts at £400 per year

This fee is standard for a sole trader client who does their own bookkeeping and the bookkeeping is to a fully reconciled position by the year end.  It doesn’t matter if the client’s business is a service or a product based business but the bookkeeping needs to be to a good standard with us having access to the digital records.  The sole trader business in this scenario doesn’t have staff and doesn’t deal with cash.  This doesn’t include the personal tax return for the sole trader, but because we’ve done this work, the price for a sole trader tax return would be at our standard rate.

Limited company accounts at £750 per year

This is a typical fee for a service based business (i.e. doesn’t sell products and doesn’t hold stock) which has one or two members of staff.  The accounting records are available to us digitally and the business uses a couple of bank accounts at most.  The bookkeeping is done on Xero (or equivalent cloud based software) complete to the end of each year and ready for us to produce accounts from, within a month or two of the business’s year end.  This price includes corporation tax returns and ad-hoc phone based advice during the year.

Personal tax returns at £125 per year

This covers a typical client who has a couple of sources of income – such as salary, dividends or self employment income.  The standard fee above wouldn’t cover things like capital gains or inheritance tax.  Tax planning included in this fee would be limited to discussing the sources of income that we look after, such as your sole trader business or income from a company you own combined with other minimal sources such as investment income.  Larger-scope tax planning would be charged separately.

Bookkeeping at £20 per hour

This bookkeeping is based on clients using Xero which is paid for through MNE and for a minimum of 25 hours per year (based on an estimate when you join us).  We don’t offer bookkeeping services to clients who use another accountant for other services.  If you need us to complete “finishing off” bookkeeping for you at your year end, this wouldn’t be subject to a minimum number of hours per year.

Payroll at £20 per month

A client paying this would be up to two employees on fixed salaries paid monthly.  Adjustments such as bonuses would be minimal and we’d expect the two employees not to change very often.  Additional employees would only increase this price slightly and so would increases to the complexity of pay structures and methods.  Auto enrolment pension using NEST would be included in this price for the two employees.

Our terms & conditions

Minimum period & payments

1. To receive the 25% discount off your first year, you must agree to a minimum two year contract. A year is defined as a full billing cycle (i.e. we complete two sets of accounts or two personal tax returns).

2. We’ll issue the 25% discount as a credit note at the end of your first complete billing cycle but will withdraw this (by way of a reissued invoice) should you leave before your second complete cycle).

3.Payments must be made by direct debit (we use a brilliant system and you will always know what payments will be collected in advance).  We charge an additional fee if you would like to pay by another method.

4. Payments must be made monthly. Your agreed annual fee will be split in to equal monthly payments. Depending on when your next set of accounts or tax return is due, you may need to make a one off ‘top up’ payment in advance of your monthly payments beginning. We’ll invoice you when we complete work for you.  There will usually be a balance on your account with us – we can let you have a statement any time, just let us know.

Third parties

5. We like to be our clients’ trusted advisors, so we ask that you use us for all your accounting needs.   This means that either you (or someone who works for you) or MNE will cover all areas of your accountancy work, from bookkeeping to your end of year accounts.  If you have a specialist provider for a particular area that we don’t cover, we’ll most likely agree to work with them. 

Anything else?

6. We wouldn’t try and tie you in to something you weren’t happy with – so should you have needed to reach stage four of our complaints procedure for something, we’ll of course discuss allowing you to exit without additional fees.  If you’re not happy, neither are we.

7. Our “25% off” offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers.

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