Management Accountant

Whether you’re a startup that’s completely new to the world of accounting and finance, or an experienced business owner, you need accurate and detailed management information which you can rely on to run your business and drive real success.

Astute and timely management information

Accounting expertise is just a given. We don’t create management accounts just for you to see a profit and loss statement every month. We give important consideration to various factors which can dramatically transform the fortunes of any business.

It’s surprising how many traditional accountancy practices offer business advice despite having never worked in a business. Directors confuse being advised by their accountant as business advice, where typically the advice is in most cases from a finance and accounting perspective rather than a business one. We translate numbers and make sense of data to provide astute and timely business advice you can act on.

It’s outsourcing, but actually what you need is like-minded professionals who might as well be sat across from your desk. Our aim is become a business partner you can trust.


Whilst we had been making steady profits, our old bookkeeper didn’t provide much in the way of reports or even good advice! When MNE took over and started giving us our monthly management accounts, things really began to fall into place. We could see where we needed to cut back and where we could spend more and the information they provided has actually allowed us to open up another office.

Founder, a technology development company, London.

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