Outsourcing & Bookkeeping

Financial Outsourcing: Better value, more efficient, more productive

In a competitive business world, companies need to focus their energies on growing and developing the business. Outsourcing your accounting isn’t just a short term cost-cutting exercise. Although reduced costs are the strongest advantage, outsourcing to our finance team can also drive long-term efficiencies, deliver sustainable benefits and help streamline your financial processes.

From £50k to £40m turnover – we’re ready to help

We’re more than just a factory entering numbers in spreadsheets and counting beans. We know our clients well. We work across a variety of sectors with large and small companies bringing so much experience to bear on their financial processes.

We know that outsourcing for many businesses is a brave but in many cases, necessary step. Clients often dip their toe by outsourcing one of their back-office functions, soon recognising how they can profit from a full outsourced finance solution, moving quickly from being a cost, to an asset.

We never get ill

Ok, we jest. Of course we get ill. We also take annual leave from time to time too. However, our strength in numbers means that when occurrences such as these happen, our clients still get access to business critical information and their finance systems remain up and running. There’s zero downtime, zero business risk and reliance on key employees – just absolute peace of mind.

Bookkeeping for strong financial foundations

Bookkeeping is often considered to be a necessary evil – and it is. However, this fosters an attitude towards bookkeeping that it is just an administrative process rather than a platform for a business’ future successes. Because of this attitude, working with traditional bookkeepers means most businesses get a generic delivery of their financial affairs.

Profit from using MNE as your bookkeeping provider

Working in partnership with MNE means:

  • immediate access to multiple accounting skill sets
  • data and information moves quickly
  • accurate information to a finished standard ready for management or end of year accounts
  • improved bank relationships
  • access to the best technology and industry practices
  • a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective service

Most bookkeepers aren’t geared up to provide the level of service we deliver. Bookkeeping with MNE starts from as little as £15 + VAT. Get in touch by filling out the form below and we’ll set up a friendly call with one of our accountants to discuss bookkeeping for your business.

Interested in our bookkeeping service? Drop us a line