Expert accountants and outsourced accounting services

MNE is an experienced team of accounting and finance experts serving clients across a range of industries, from manufacturers and construction companies to letting agencies and retailers. We are the trusted accounts team to some of Leicestershire’s leading companies, helping them to improve efficiency and ultimately become more successful.

Our clients can benefit from outsourcing a variety of accounting services including management accounts and bookkeeping, to payroll management and credit control. Other clients take advantage of our accounting services to fill gaps within their current finance function where certain expertise may be lacking.

The benefits of outsourced accounting

MNE helps businesses of all sizes, ranging from PLCs and franchise groups to owner managed businesses and sole traders, benefit from a multitude of advantages that outsourced accounting can deliver.

Your business can take advantage of a whole outsourced accounting solution. However, equally companies can cherry-pick a number of accounting services to deliver the best opportunities and value for their business. This could be interim support during a busy period, short term cover or to fill a particular skills gap in your accounts team.

Choosing MNE as your accountant can drive long-term efficiencies, streamline your financial processes and deliver several benefits.

  • Pay only for the services you need, when you need them. Some accounting services you will need continuously, however other services you may only need at the end of the month or even less frequently. Outsourcing your accounting is far more productive and gives you the ability to tailor a solution that best fits your business.
  • Affordable and expert financial advice. Outsourcing your accounting function can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Save money on everything that comes with recruiting staff such as full-time and part-time wages, training and office equipment.
  • Scalability. It’s so easy to scale or alternatively cutback when you outsource your accounting. Business owners can react quickly to the demands of their business in a way you just can’t when you have an in-house finance team.
  • Access to the industry best tools and technology. Most businesses struggle to stay on top of advancements in the accounting industry, whether this is changes to legislation or the introduction of new accounting software or tools. We constantly look to improve our service and expertise through new technology, so that our clients can reap the benefits.
  • More time. For most small to medium sized businesses, back-end office functions can be an unnecessary distraction. Outsourcing accounting services gives focus to the things that really drive growth.

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Our Management Team

  • Testimonial

    “Jamie visits us every month to review our management accounts. He’s helped us to put together a new sales forecast and we now have realistic targets to work towards. He’s also helped us negotiate new contracts with suppliers!”

    Online Retailer, Nottingham
  • Testimonial

    “We’ve been working with Tim for around 8 months now. Our reporting before seemed OK, but we didn’t know how to use the figures to make decisions. Tim’s helped us to increase our profits by 15% which means we now have the cash to develop our next product.”


  • Testimonial

    “MNE Accounting transformed the performance of my business, their accounting system highlighted where we were under performing financially and fixed it right away”

  • Testimonial

    “Tim has been superb in helping me through my first experience of dealing with my accounts and supporting me in other areas of accounting issues. He runs a great company with a great ethos.”

    Stefan Wardle, MME, Leicester

Thoughts From MNE

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